“Dream Boat” Vacation

Need a little bit of rest and relaxation?  Take a spin on the Dream Boat!  Bruce and Kathy had really made themselves comfortable aboard Detour during their visit with us.  They had been busy bees back in Pennsylvania just prior to this vacation, and now it was their time for a bit of refreshment far removed from daily hustle and bustle.  Kathy was sleeping so soundly, she’d shared that she was often dreaming; and so we knick-named Detour the Dream Boat.  How could one not relax?  Even Brian and I were learning (finally) to lounge along with Bruce and Kathy.  When not cruising up the Petite Saone, we were strolling along beautiful French countrysides.IMG_1038 IMG_1037 When finished strolling, we’d indulge in cheeses, wines, and delectable home-cooked dinners.  At our stop in Ray sur Saone, we completed the day’s travel by strolling through the sleepy, picturesque village. IMG_1019IMG_1023IMG_1020IMG_1024IMG_1021Along a grassy path, we found our way to the hilltop where the Ray sur Saone Chateau rises high above the town.  This chateau dates from the 10th century; rebuilt during the 18th century.  The public is able to walk the chateau’s grounds and, according to the couple aboard our neighboring boat that evening, the chateau is open for touring on Sundays.  “You can walk all around, it’s beautiful,” the husband aboard explained as we walked past his boat on our way to the path.  “We stayed longer so that we could see the inside of the chateau, but it’s closed today,” he continued, with a shrug of his shoulders.  It was a Sunday.  Ah, France!  IMG_1028IMG_1030 IMG_1035 IMG_1032 IMG_1031The grounds of the chateau were beautiful, indeed!  At Ray sur Saone we felt as though we’d entered a fairy tale.  But we’ll never really know for certain whether we were able to enter at all!  In France, it seems, that rules are rather like guidelines.  IMG_1041Back aboard the Dream Boat, we drifted into deep sleeps…


  1. I enjoyed trying to translate the castle sign before scrolling down to the English!

  2. Hah, sometimes I don’t even recognize the English! And those are the times that I think, “gee, Brian is really getting good at his French translations!”

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