The Grand Finale!

Departing our fairy tale stop at Ray sur Saone, Kathy took the stern and steered Detour through the first lock of the day.  IMG_1044IMG_1048Brian and I were certainly going to miss all the extra hands aboard!  Bruce and Kathy’s trip was nearing an end.  This day’s trek upstream in the Petite Saone brought us from Ray sur Saone to Scey Saone; the second to last stop of the journey.  It was an action filled day!  After traversing the next lock, we pulled over for a bit of shopping…IMG_1052 The grounds of the lock were beautifully maintained and farmed. IMG_1062 IMG_1063 IMG_1055The lock-keeper had a shop filled with local goodies; wine, honey, terrines (meat spreads), and jams.  On the walls inside the keeper’s station, an exposition of paintings his wife painted.  We made fine selections of red wine, honey, and duck terrine and this roadside stop.  IMG_1054 IMG_1061Then, we pulled away from the riverbank and entered what I deemed a version of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.  It was our second tunnel, and leading to the tunnel was a long, narrow, one-way, twisty, curvy canal.IMG_1065 IMG_1066 IMG_1067Once again, with “no touches!” Brian steered us beautifully through the tunnel. IMG_1069 IMG_1071 IMG_1076 IMG_1078We continued along the Petite Saone to end our travel day at Scey Saone, where Bruce had his first docking of Detour at the town pontoon.IMG_1083Our first stop, as we strolled Scey Saone, was the bakery where we each sampled a fresh baked treat and picked up the daily baguette (fresh at 5:00pm, the best time for getting baguettes!).  Then, a pause outside the Tourism Office to acquire a wifi connection for Bruce and Kathy to check in back home.  After-all, the world kept turning even though we had all been lounging about!  Finally, we searched and searched for a butcher shop but finding none we shopped at the downtown Carrefour (a grocery store chain) which in fact had a very nice meat counter.  Back at the Dream Boat, we sampled our duck terrine on a freshly baked baguette.  Yummy!

The next morning, Scey Saone offered us beautiful scenery as we crossed the bridge over the dam and explored the other side of this little extension off the Saone.IMG_6686 IMG_6690 IMG_6649 IMG_6644The river’s wildlife were bustling that morning!IMG_6635 IMG_6651 IMG_6680 IMG_6668 IMG_6671IMG_6675That day we traveled a very short trip upstream in the Petite Saone to the town of Jussey.  At Jussey, there was a town pontoon to moor Detour at a now overgrown field that had the remnants of a campground.  We’d selected Jussey because it has a bus station that had enabled Bruce and Kathy to begin their transport back toward home.  Scouting the train station was easy; a 1-mile walk from the pontoon, past an industrial plant, through a very not-picturesque town along a set of train tracks.  Jussey looked like all it had going for it was the bus station with accompanying hotel/restaurant across the street (and train station where trains apparently don’t stop).  We confirmed with a worker inside the bus (and or train) station that the bus would, in fact, depart the following morning.  It was a relief because we never know when a French holiday, or seemingly normal weekday, will result in schedule changes.  We couldn’t believe Bruce and Kathy’s time with us had ended so quickly!  But we all spent one more night aboard the Dream Boat, before bidding farewell very early the following morning.  IMG_6691

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  1. What a truly unique and surreal situation your boat has found its self in. Beautiful beyond reason. I almost want to go there.

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