Congrats to the NEWEST Mr. & Mrs. Grandjean!

When fabulous families converge, wonderful things happen!  Brian and I were not the only Grandjeans en-route to California…but we were the first to arrive and therefore had a great time catching up with Brian’s sister and her husband, Christy and Steve, and with our favorite niece, Molly!  We also spent some quality time with the groom, Brian’s brother Mark, and his bride-to-be, Ali, who were the reason, afterall, that all of this love was shifting to the West Coast (“the Best Coast!”).IMG_0805.JPG IMG_0804.JPGSoon after our arrival, Kathy and Grandma arrived after a triumphant road trip across the country from Pennsylvania all the way to California.  The were joined by the best Admin, who also happens to be a spectacular road-tripper (coincidence, I think not!)  And so the party began…IMG_0819.JPGIMG_0818.JPGBruce was next to arrive, and we welcomed him most appropriately by making him find his friends, using the Find My Friends App, to locate us at the Hop Grenade Brewery.  IMG_0839.JPGOf course, no visit with Christy and Steve would be complete without a road race!  We had plenty of time for running in-between completing wedding related craft projects and playing with Molly.IMG_0822.JPG IMG_0823.JPGThe gang was all here and it only got better! IMG_0831.JPG Glenn arrived, ready for action!

 Peter and Marianne joined the festivities to spend some quality time with their sweet, grand-baby, Molly. IMG_0847.JPGBrian and I welcomed my parents to San Francisco, my dad’s very first time on the West Coast!  We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, hiked through Muir Woods, and drove the coastal Route 1 just to get the sightseeing started.  And then, everyone settled in Glen Ellen, California for the main event of Mark and Ali’s wedding!IMG_1441IMG_1477We were thrilled to welcome Ali to the Grandjean family, even if that meant that Mark got to be king for one day.IMG_0844.JPGPractice makes perfect!  Our little flower girl worked hard getting ready for the big day!  IMG_0852.JPGAnd so did we!  Everyone got ready and excitement was all around!IMG_0846.JPG IMG_0845.JPG IMG_0848.JPGI could write post after post about Mark and Ali’s magical day.  Love was truly in the air and the setting was breathtaking! It was wonderful to have all of our families, extended families, and many, many friends come together in one location for this celebration.  We wish the best to Mark and Ali and know they are off to new adventures together!IMG_0849.JPGWeddingFam


  1. If the bride and groom take the two of you as a model on how to live their lives, they will indeed have a wonderful life.

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