Natuurhaven de Kreupe

Mid-day during the Delta Lloyd 24 uurs Zeilrace, we ventured onto the Ijsselmeer to join the action.  Six-hundred sailboats were racing on the Ijsselmeer, Markermeer, and North Sea and countless others were observing the event. IMG_7585 IMG_1477 (1)

Once again we’d picked our end destination while en-route.  The benefit of day sailing without a home base is that you really can go wherever the wind takes you.  That evening, we docked at Natuurhaven de Kreupe; a man-made, bird sanctuary island in the northwestern Ijsselmeer. IMG_7607From Natuurhaven de Kreupe we had 360-degrees of sail-lined views as the racing boats descended upon Medemblik.  IMG_7606 IMG_7608 IMG_7611A touring Dutch barge arrived for some sunset birding photos.  As passengers swarmed the docks with their tri-pods and ginormous lenses, we settled in the cockpit for the evening’s cocktail and one of Brian’s favorite views, an Amsterdam brewed IPA. IMG_7618IMG_7613   *Brian’s editorial note – “This is actually my favorite view.  It is good beer, though.”IMG_7614  As a special treat, the rising of a full moon not only a great ending to a fantastic day but also a gentle reminder…how long have we been here?  Where were we for the last full moon?  And we’re still trying to figure that out!



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