The Highlights

Our time with Bruce and Kathy aboard will have ended by the time you read this post.  We had so many memorable moments and learned much about the teeny bit of Norway we were fortunate to have explored together!  I can share only a glimpse of the voyage; highlights such as fabulous anchorages, local culture, amazing scenery…  Thanks to Bruce and Kathy for making the trip, for which we are so very grateful!

Utstein Kloster, KlosteroyIMG_9046

Rainy day, motoring through Haugesund.IMG_9193

Surprise!  A dock provided the night’s accommodation at Vorlandsvagen on the island of Bomlo.IMG_9198

Moster Amfi, MosterhamnIMG_9774

Engesund Salmon Farm – Thank you, Lisa, and colleague for an educational and entertaining tour!  (

Bekkjarvik, SelbjornIMG_9233

Pollock for everyone!IMG_9243