For the first time in ten weeks, Detour headed south.  It was difficult to turn away from the Lofoten islands, so much was left unexplored!  But we weren’t quite finished with Norway and the countdown toward our next destination had begun.  With a few more fresh pollock (saithe) in the freezer, we soon approached the outlying island of Vaeroy. IMG_1094The ridge of Vaeroy rising from the sea conjured a vision of a ginormous stegosaurus; backbone steeply arched, tail wrapped around a snug harbour.  Vaeroy held an allure.  The 3,000-year-old history of the island raises one’s curiosity; cave paintings, abandoned fishing villages, the invent of the lundehund (puffin dog), colonies of sea birds, and the first fisheries telegraph service via Sorvagen.  IMG_1154The photographs from Vaeroy speak for themselves to define the scene, most interesting Vaeroy’s fog machine.  Over the ridge, fog billowed; it spilled down onto the valley, cascading over boulders, trees, houses, and anything in the way.  But the fog never quite made it to our harbour of Sorlandsvag, or any east-side hamlets, because the stern ridge forced it back.IMG_1097IMG_1099


View from Nordlandsnupen of Sorvagen
View from Nordlandsnupen of Sorlandsvag


IMG_1185On the south west end of Vaeroy there is a beach only accessible by boat, fortunately for us it was no trouble to visit Sanden.  We did a bit of cave exploring but did not find any paintings.  And after a lovely, sandy stroll and a bit of bird watching we set sail for the mainland.IMG_1196


Abandoned fishing village of Mastad
Abandoned fishing village of Mastad


  1. Hi Sephanie and Brian these pictures are amazing.You’re doing a great job with recording your stories, I really enjoy being with you ,your family and friends in your adventures.I hope to see you soon.?

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