Fast Forward

I’d like to thank Mark, who has done a fabulous job to captivate this audience with Scottish lore!  Meanwhile, behind the scenes…

Brian and I have sailed Detour 1,374nm south from Glasgow; even at sailing pace, the scenery has changed so rapidly for us that some days it seems we’ve been plucked from the ground and dropped onto yet another foreign place. img_0025We’ve encountered countless moments when we simply didn’t know which direction to choose; which harbour, anchorage, or country next!?  img_0074We’ve entertained ourselves with (we hope) the best sights to see along the way, and have found many of our own hidden hidden gems.img_0084We’ve sampled the traditional cuisine…img_0075…mingled with the locals…img_0015…and attended a cultural event or two.img_0026All the while, we’ve not missed a weather window to make southward progress.  This is fast cruising for us!  We’re not always settling in once the hook is set.  img_0081Detour is in continuous transition between being ready for underway (aft cabin bunk made, meals pre-made, jacklines on deck, spare sails in the forward cabin at the ready, dinghy on deck, outboard stowed) and being home again at anchor (forward cabin bunk made, meals undetermined, dinghy and outboard on davits, spare sails in the aft cabin, jacklines rinsed/dried/stowed) – or a dock, do we need the fenders? how many docklines? where is the reception pontoon?  It’s a bit chaotic around here some days.img_0020Fast cruising is refreshing!img_0071Fast cruising is challenging!img_0073Of course, there is always some lingering boat project to fill our “spare time.”img_0083It’s a whirlwind of excitement – we’re anxiously awaiting sunshine and turquoise waters…img_0082as we move into position and prepare Detour for a transatlantic passage!


  1. Been a fan for over a year now, and started reading all the way from the beginning… finally wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing your awesome adventures. I’m really looking forward to following along! Thanks too, to MJ Sailing for leading me to your blog.

  2. This was such a creative post, Steph! Were those pieces of art from all over, or a specific city, country? What a great job putting them together with your narrative.

  3. Hi Sally, it’s really nice to learn you’ve been following our travels! Thank you!

  4. Thanks! I’ve loved the street art we’ve found throughout Europe – it’s also a great way to combat graffiti.

  5. These were mostly Glasgow, Scotland and Belfast, Northern Ireland – street art throughout Europe has been a super fun find!

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