Sailors’ Graffiti

We had a few, very small projects to complete after our passage to the Azores but for the first time in our cruising history one of these projects was actually FUN!

Brian repairs the mast navigation lights.

The walls and sidewalks that encircle the harbor of Horta, Faial are decorated from top to bottom by the thousands of sailors who pass through.  It is said to be good luck if you leave your mark at Horta, and we weren’t about to miss out on any extra luck!  We strolled the harbor daily, simply looking at all the various artistic designs, boat names, people’s names, and years of arrival.  It’s very colorful, creative, and so overwhelming that along every stroll we’d see something new.  We’d found a few friends who’d visited and several Ocean Cruising Club boats.  Soon, we were planning our own (not surprising) design and searching for the perfect location for Detour.






  1. That’s so neat to see and imagine it being so far away. Truly part of the world citizens club!

  2. We painted our sign on the wall back in 2003. Just above our painting was one done by our son, Spencer, when he was captain on someone else’s boat and had sailed there

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