We’ve met many Friends along the way!  Here are just a few… (click their vessel name to follow their stories)

  • mv Apres Ski – Kent & Heather; cruising the French Waterways; in-between seasonal canal explorations, these adventurers explore the world via boat, trail, and ski slope!
  • sv Asante – Scott, Brittany, Isla, Haven, & Mira; chartering in the Eastern Caribbean
  • sv Calico Skies – Bill & Grace; cruising the Caribbean and the Eastern United States
  • sv Changes – Phil & Lorraine; livin’ on land for a while
  • sv Cheeky Monkey – Ryan & Tasha; world travelers by sail, rail, bus, motor-home, scooter, etc. you name it they’ve traveled it!  Cruising the Pacific.
  • sv Eleanor Q – Frank & Mary Marie; sailing the Chesapeake
  • sv Eva Marie – David & Victoria; sailing in Equador
  • Evolve Freediving – Performance Freediving Courses; “Longer, deeper, safer, and never alone…” World Record Holder Instructor, Ashley Chapman, and Safety-Diver Instructor, Ren Chapman, teach adults and children freediving.  Throughout the Caribbean Ashley and Ren provide beginner, intermediate, and advanced instruction to safely teach you to improve your under water skills; snorkeling, underwater photography, spear fishing, competitive freedive coaching
  • sv Exuberant – Burt & Prue; cruising the Eastern United States and Bahamas
  • Fairhaven – John & Penny; spend their winters at Long Island, Bahamas in their gorgeous home, Fairhaven. From their perch overlooking Thompson Bay, John and Penny welcome incoming cruisers
  • sv Gem – Shane & Maryvonne; cruising the Eastern Caribbean & Eastern United States
  • sv Grace of Longstone – David & Helen; cruising the Caribbean, Bermuda, & Eastern United States
  • sv Herr Nilsson – Markus & Katrin; talented teachers on sabbatical, sailing from Germany to explore the Canary Islands
  • sv Isabella – Hans & Elise; sailing from the Netherlands to the Caribbean
  • sv Jade – Ren, Ashley, & Ani; cruising the Eastern United States & Caribbean; instructors for freediving
  • sv Kelly Rae – Rich; cruising the Eastern United States and Bahamas
  • mv Knot Yet – Ian, Kerri, & Macara; sabbatical cruise Canada – Bahamas
  • mv Le Piglet – Peter & Amanda; cruising the French waterways, and touring any nearby golf courses along the way
  • mv Lyra – Henk, Fabienne, & Shepard Pup, Zeiden; cruising the French waterways and returning to their home Netherlands seasonally via camping car
  • sv Mångata – Will; during winter 2016-17, you may find Will racing or captaining in the Caribbean; he’ll be sailing Mångata in the Mediterranean summer 2017
  • sv Mira Polaris – Manuel, Chris, Stian, & Helene; cruising the Atlantic Islands, then making way toward the Caribbean
  • mv Migration – George & Marci; Arctic exlporers!
  • sv Miss Behaving – Justin, Deb, Hayley, & Riley; Circumnavigated! Boat for SALE
  • sv Onapua – Peter; cruising the Eastern United States and Bahamas
  • sv Por Dos – Mark, Marta, Alec & Roan; Circumnavigated!
  • Sailing Tranquility Bay – Scott & Kimberly; these bourgeoisie refugees are setting sail once again, Flordia and beyond…
  • sv Seasick-Luzie – Timo & Natalie; cruising the Baltic Sea, bound for the Mediterranean
  • sv Serendipity – Matt & Jessica; refitting in Florida
  • sv Stella – Brian, Susie, & Hannah; sailing the Chesapeake
  • sv Stormy Petrel – Ron & Kathy; cruising the Eastern United States
  • sv Sunkissed – John & Nina; cruising the Eastern United States and Bahamas
  • sv Toroa – Karin & Seth; cruising in the Netherlands
  • sv Vagus – Bendik & Tor; sailing from Norway, across the Atlantic, Vagus is making way toward the Caribbean with a revolving crew.  Follow their story on Facebook page ‘S/Y Vagus’
  • sv Wanderer – Bill, Trisha, & Riley; cruising the Eastern United States and Florida Keys
  • sv Westlee – Erlend & Julie; sailing from Norway, across the Atlantic, Westlee is making way toward the Caribbean!  Follow their story on Facebook page ‘Sailing Westlee’ and Patreon
  • sv Wollombi II Jorge; completed a transatlantic crossing and hopped up the east coast of the USA
  • sv Zanzibar – Henk & Tineke; cruising the Atlantic Islands, then making way toward the Caribbean

5 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Hi Mark,
    We’re great, getting Detour ready to get underway this week! We’d had a lovely winter in Amsterdam with “soft” (mild) weather in the Netherlands. We traveled a bit and made many new friends in Europe. Getting excited to sail again this year! Will be updating soon with new adventures…

  2. We meet you guys in Andijk, it’s always fun to meet people how has the same interests has we have, Sailing. We hope that we are meet you somewhere on the way.. Good Luck with everything you guys do.
    Love Seth & Karen

  3. Hi Karen & Seth!
    Let’s stay in touch! We had quite an adventure just since we left Andijk…good luck with the boat work 🙂

  4. Hi, I can see you still in Terschelling but you can wright me a email if you like

    The boat is getting better and better but I will send you pictures if the boat is totally refitted.

    Good luck with everything Karen

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