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Bruce “Admiral”
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  1. Hi

    I’m writing to let you know that in three weeks, June 1st, we’ll be officially launching an iOS marine navigation app called Swell Advantage that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Swell Advantage will combine natively generated environmental statistics with information pulled in from various sources, communicated in a unique, intuitive interface that facilitates the social side of boating.

    Our website is http://www.swelladvantage.com, and I’ve included a link to a teaser pic of our login page below. Let me know by replying to this e-mail if you’d like to receive notification as soon as we’re live in the Apple App Store before our official June 1st launch date. We’d love to have you be one of the first to review the app!

    Is there an e-mail that we should send our media package and notification that the app is in the app store to?



    [Teaser Image: http://swelladvantage.com/teaserimage/ ]

  2. Hi Brian & Stephanie,

    How are you? Where are you? We saw you went to the Waddeneilanden. Was it nice?

    We have thought many times about you and the nice evening we had together. We are wondering how you are and where you are.

    We would like to send you a photo of the evening. It is not a very good photo, but it is nice to have.
    If you like to get the photo please send me your emailadres.

    We are hoping to hear from you soon and we wish you all good luck in 2016!

    Best regards,
    Marie-José & Heleen from Utrecht (in August)

  3. Hello, Marie-Jose and Heleen!
    I am sorry to just now find your comment. It is a nice surprise to hear from you both!

    Brian and I are wonderful! We stayed on the boat in Amsterdam at Sixhaven during the winter (we are still here) and we traveled a little bit by train/airplane. Our family visited during January, nice to spend time together. We celebrated Carnaval with friends in Overloon. In March we will start to move the boat again to spend the summer along the coast of Norway. I hope during our departure to visit the Waddenilanden again, lovely!

    Please email! I would like to stay in touch!

  4. I’ve been wondering where you were, too. Your blog has been silent for so long, I was afraid something had happened to you both. Looking forward to hearing about your travels this summer.

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