I began cruising with my husband, Brian, in June 2012 when we cast off the dock lines from Portsmouth, NH and set out to see the world. For two years we lived aboard Rode Trip, a 1975 Westsail 32, and cruised the East Coast of the United States, Bermuda, and the Western Caribbean. It was glorious! I’ve shared all of our travels aboard Rode Trip here.

My introduction to sailing came when I began dating Brian in 2007. Brian is an avid sailor; at the time we met he was racing three nights per week in Portsmouth, NH crewing for various skippers and sailing his own Laser. During our first date, as I sat across the table trying very delicately to chew an enormous piece of sushi, he proclaimed that he wanted to “circumnavigate.” While I was still chewing Brian continued, “…it’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing, would you be interested?” With one huge ‘GULP!’ the sushi was swallowed and I responded with only a perplexed look. What in the heck did “circumnavigate” mean? Was this guy getting weird on me proposing some funky after dinner antics? Ahhhh…how far we’ve come from that moment!

Brian and I were married in October of 2009. At the reception, our guests were asking when we’d set sail. By that time everyone involved in our lives knew that we were planning to live aboard a sailboat and travel the world. Plans were well underway. I’d certainly done my research to discover that people did, indeed, live aboard sailboats. I’d also done quite a bit of sailing; first learning the basics on Brian’s father’s Tanzer 22 Sheetmusic at Lake Wallenpaupack, Pennsylvania. Then, I was asked to crew with the J24 fleet in Portsmouth, NH. Brian and I lived frugally; building the cruising kitty and paying off my graduate school loans. All the while our goal of a live aboard lifestyle was in sight.

Finally, it was time to look for the right boat. We searched for approximately one year during which time Brian had his eye on the soon-to-be Rode Trip. The boat had been on the market for quite a while and sure enough the seller reduced the price. Nearly the same day the price dropped, Brian and I hopped into the car and drove from Portsmouth, NH to Halifax, Nova Scotia to see the boat for ourselves and make sure it was the one. In June 2010 we bought Rode Trip. The rest of this story is history!

Now I have this fabulous opportunity to continue sailing in a new part of the world on a newer, larger sailboat. Brian and I have entered a partnership with Bruce and Kathy; a win-win that enables Brian and I to continue cruising and enables Bruce and Kathy to travel during their retirement. Detour, an Alliage 41, will become our new home. The cruising lifestyle has stolen my heart and I cannot imagine any other way to live! I look forward to new experiences, new personal growth, new relationships…every day is a brand new day!