Brian was introduced to sailing as a youngster on Lake Wallenpaupack, PA sailing his father’s Sunfish. His family spent several memorable vacations via charter boats. In particular, Brian’s dream to sail around the world was born in the British Virgin Islands while chartering a boat captained by Justin. As a teenager, he resurrected a Tanzer 22′ from the depths of ruin when he convinced his father to purchase the boat (for a mere $500, blood, sweat, & tears). Family and friends continue to enjoy the Tanzer, Sheetmusic on Lake Wallenpaupack.

Brian was a member of the Bowdoin College Sailing Team.  During fall of his Junior year (2003) he attended a Semester at Sea (SEA) aboard the Corwith Cramer out of Woods Hole, MA. Brian was convinced this was the life for him! In 2004 Brian used his Bowdoin chemistry degree as a means to an end to achieve his cruising lifestyle and began working as a research chemist for Powerspan, a company that developed clean coal solutions. Meanwhile to gain additional sailing experience, Brian jumped aboard various racing sailboats in Portsmouth, NH.  In 2006 he crewed a boat delivery from New York to Portland, ME. In 2007, he purchased a Laser and added this fleet to his weekly racing docket.

Brian became better acquainted with Stephanie during 2007 while they were reunited at their hometown; Stephanie had returned to the area to complete graduate school and Brian was visiting regularly for family events.  The two had attended the same high school and had been track & field teammates.  Stephanie was intrigued by Brian’s dream to sail, as well as various other facets of this successful, charming young man.  They were soon dating, and were married on October 3, 2009.  Shortly thereafter in June 2010 they purchased Rode Trip, a 1975 Westsail 32′. Brian transformed Rode Trip into a home and the couple moved aboard on June 21, 2012.

Having lived aboard Rode Trip and cruised the Eastern coast of the United States, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba, Grand Cayman, Bermuda, Providencia, and Panama, Brian and Stephanie returned to the states landing in Deltaville, VA and put Rode Trip up for sale.  They’d found their next boat, an Alliage 41′, in Southern France; the Alliage was purchased during July 2014.  Rode Trip was sold during January 2015.  And new adventures continue now aboard Detour.

During July 2015, Brian had achieved his USCG Captain’s License for vessels as large as 50-tons.  He hopes this license will afford him many more opportunities on the water.