Bruce discovered he loved sailing when his wife Kathy gave him a Sunfish as a 40th birthday present. As has frequently happened during their 35 year marriage she divined his passion before he did.  In 1997 A week long charter with another family in the British Virgin Islands provided the first wonderful taste of the cruising lifestyle. Again due to Kathy’s encouragement, Brian convinced his Boy Scout troop to mount a trip to Seabase, the national Boy Scout camp in the Florida Keys. Of course Bruce had to go too in order to provide “adult supervision” on what turned out to be the first of four trips. In 2001 Bruce acquired Sheet Music, a Tanzer 22, who in spite of her years has had the strength and forgiveness to train a family of novice sailors. In 2014, during a mad dash across Holland and France, Bruce, Kathy, Brian, and Stephanie, selected an Alliage 41 for their next sailing detour through life.